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Who we are

We are a team of software developers, analysts, project managers and technicians based in BC and Alberta. We build custom software solutions to make our clients' business operations more efficient. We are experts in SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server, and a myriad of other technologies necessary to build enterprise quality software. And our tight project management systems make a success of every project.

Custom Software

Creating robust enterprise solutions for any business challenge or opportunity. Full solution, from envisioning and requirements, through development and testing, to ongoing support and enhancements.

SharePoint Experts

Experts at SharePoint customization, collaboration portals (that are used!), version upgrades / migrations, and extensive custom application development on the SharePoint framework.

Mobile Solutions

Building mobile solutions with a focus on enterprise productivity. Native mobile application development for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, as well as hybrid mobile apps and RWD for all platforms.

Web Applications

We build tailored Web Applications for your business. From staff-only, client-only intranet or extranet applications, to public facing fully functional Internet web applications.

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Spot Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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Some of our clients

client Autopro Automation
client Houle Electric
client Yokohama
client Western Forest Products
client Worksafe BC
client Port Metro Vancouver
client Open Road Auto Group
client Translink BC

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Don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients are saying

Spot Solutions has become our "go-to" application development team.  They have the skills, knowledge and processes to deliver what we need when we need it!

Andrew Hart
Project Manager

Spot is a valuable partner in helping us to maximize the value of our investment in SharePoint. We have worked with them on multiple projects and will continue to work with them because they are very thorough, professional and easy to work with.

Lawrence Kumar
CMA Controller

Spot Solutions has provided Autopro with an incredible response time to any of our software issues, and provided us with quality solutions leveraging their many years of expertise in the business

Dan Mozel
Engineering Standards & Technology Manager

Spot Solutions has become our "go-to" application development team.  They have the skills, knowledge and processes to deliver what we need when we need it!

John Hobson
Director, Management Information Services

Latest blog posts

Automated Tests Use Case with CMC

The development cost to create these tests and associated data scripts was not astronomical but there was a notable cost. The cost of such an endeavor in the future should be reduced as developers gain more familiarity with VSTF. It could be argued that having these tests in place absorbed the costs of development. A considerable amount of QA time was undoubtedly saved, not to mention the time saved tracking down mysterious bugs that would have been missed otherwise. Also, we were able to adapt the tests into a portable benchmarking tool to aid in tracking down performance issues in the client’s environment.

Testing in Visual Studio Primer

Many more features are available in the test framework, this description was provided as a brief overview to quickly become familiar with the test framework in Visual Studio. Even with this simple example one can begin to see the power and utility of the test framework.

Lazy Loading in Entity Framework

Lazy load is a pattern applied to delay loading of a resource until it is actually needed or accessed. For example, you may have an object that instantiates and initializes a logging utility in its constructor. The class may use the logger only in certain scenarios and often times is not used at all. Given this attribute of the application, it would make sense to only load the logger when needed. One solution to this problem would be to implement the logger as a singleton and check to see if the logger has been previously initialized whenever a request to submit a log entry sent. If the logger is not initialized, logic to initialize the logger is executed and the application proceeds as normal.

SharePoint 2010 Filtered Lookup Column

Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF) Research Project Management Tool & Database is implemented as a SharePoint 2010 multi-tenant site. The “database” contains a large number of lists. Many of these lists are linked to each other through lookup columns to provide referential integrity. These lookup columns are used instead of choice columns as these lists are very dynamic with entries being added and changed frequently.